Zero Effort Halloween Costume Ideas

Zero Effort Halloween Costume Ideas
24/10/2017 SarahB

I love Halloween;

any holiday that involves eating i’m all in, except when it comes to dressing up. I have zero effort level when it comes to fancy dress. If i can’t wear something i’ve already got/would wear again on a non fancy dress occasion then its not happening. So i thought i’d put together some cute little outfits that require next to no effort and you can make from clothes you probably already own; if not theres links to buy them and a lot of them are on offer so its a win win!

Ladies! How about being a cute little kitty?

Putting our Fulwood Spin on a classic.

Pair our Cougar crop (buy it here) with some leather look leggings/trousers (these h&m ones are only a tenner in their sale) and some cute cat ears and voila! You’re a cute kitty, bonus points if you manage some whiskers and a tail.

Even so called ‘dog people’ will be chasing you.

Like the idea but not quite for you? View our full collection here.

Yo, Special offers over here.

Get em now.

Lads, Here’s a nice easy one for you. The Purge.

Cant get much less effort than this; we know how lazy you lads are.

Our French Bulldog Bomber (buy it here) and black jeans combo will keep you looking smart just like them creeps on the purge. I got this mask from a local fancy dress shop but you can buy it online here.

Pair with a shirt and some nice shoes and no one will even know its you!

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