Valentines Date Ideas To Blow Her Mind

Valentines Date Ideas To Blow Her Mind
07/01/2019 SarahB

So I’m not a valentines fan. For all the usual reasons; ‘my partner shouldn’t need a day to show me how much they care’ ‘its just a made up commercial holiday’ BLAH BLAH BLAH. So I’m not going to write the usual TOP VALENTINES GIFTS post because there’s only so many of those I can write and they all start to look the same after a while.

I’m very much an ‘actions speak louder than words’ type of person when it comes to love, and that requires some effort. Nothing says I love you like planning a nice day out or a special dinner for the person you care about. So here are a few ideas of things you can do that will make V-Day a little more special, show you’re thoughtful and how much you appreciate your lady or gent putting the fuck up with all your shit.

A Valentines Scavenger Hunt

Maybe the most effort out of all of them but you got to start with some ambition right? It could be round the house with clues to where the next one is hidden, you could go big (go big) and do a tour of all your favourite places to go together and give them the next clue in each one.

Note: the clues don’t have to rhyme but it’s a nice extra touch.

Just think how fun nice that would be for the both of you. Going around all the places you fell in love with each other, all those little memories and moments you shared there. NOW THAT’S FUCKING LOVE.


If you want to make one of our t’s a part of the hunt you can have a browse here.

Remember your first date? You weren’t sure if they were going to show up, you’re nervous, hands are sweaty, knees weak, vomit on your sweater already, moms spaghetti? Maybe it was a tinder date so you didn’t even know if they were a real person?

Well you can laugh about all of that over a beer or whatever it was you had, thank you’re lucky stars that they turned out to not be a catfish and relive your first date. Cue heart eyes all round.

Themed Movie and Dinner night.

Skint this year or can’t get rid of the kiddos for the night? Pick a few of your other halfs favourite movies on your preferred streaming service; pair with their favourite foods and drinks and snuggle up. Bonus points for running a theme throughout, Film set in Italy? Spaghetti and meatballs, Film about a wedding? CAKE CAKE CAKE.

Do something new together

Roller Skating, Ice Skating, Mini Golf, Bowling, going to an Arcade. All of these things are cool again now and actually DOING something together rather than just hanging out in the same room for a few hours will win you some brownie points. Already do those activities on date night? What about a painting class or something else that could potentially be a new hobby for you both? Cooking? Hot Yoga?

A Spa Day

With or without you. TBH I find something a little awkward about being massaged in the same room as someone else, partner or not but you don’t know til you try. Everyone needs a bit of a pamper and TLC sometimes. You could even just book them a massage with a mobile therapist and set up the living room to be like a spa.


They’ll need something comfy to wear, check out our hoodies here

Go explore

Book a city break or drive to the next town over, drive to the country side and camp under the stars. Nothing says peak romance like stargazing, or catch the sunset; that shits romantic too. Bring a picnic, a few cans and a blanket to snuggle under and you’re winning.

You know what you could even just go to that bar/restaurant you’ve both always wanted to try.

Explore the unknown, get lost, have an adventure. At the very least you learn a lot about each other when you’re lost in the middle of nowhere.

Go see some live music

Now its pretty unlikely that their favourite band will be playing in your city on Valentines day so maybe hit up a local band. Have a look for local venues that cater to the music you guys are in to or an open mic and see what they’ve got going on. You could even pick something completely random that you wouldn’t normally see and be pleasantly surprised. At best you’ll find a new artist you love together at worst you’ll have something to laugh about and a fun story to tell the kids.

Get Spooky

This one is only for the brave, book a session with a tarot reader or psychic. Whether you believe in that kinda stuff or not, its always pretty interesting to see what they’re going to come up with and can be kind of therapeutic. Find out if you’re meant to be together forever or are doomed to fail. Not quite brave enough for that? Why not get your aura read or get a spirit board and try communicating with the dead yourselves?


I’m expecting you all to report back on February 15th with your tales of V-Day success and all the brownie points you’ve won with these incredibly thoughtful date ideas. Maybe you’ll even show your appreciation by visiting our website and purchasing some goodies? Too much of an obvious plug?

Seriously though, don’t sweat it, most of the time we just want your undivided attention. So even if you just ban phones/tablets/tv and have an analogue night chatting shit in a blanket fort with a few tinnies and a box of chocolates we’ll be made up. <<< Paul if you’re reading this WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE HINT HINT


Cupid not brought you someone special this year?

Well its January so you still have time to smash tinder and find someone, or have a lads night out and hook up with all those single ladies doing ‘Galentines Day’ or take a leaf out of the girls book and show your boys how much you love and appreciate them by using some of the hints above to plan a special day for your buddies.


Whatever you do have Happy V-Day!