Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare
15/08/2017 SarahB

Tattoo aftercare seems to be somewhat of a grey area in the industry;

with so many different methods and views out there, various creams and products to use or avoid, it can be difficult to know what is best for you and your new ink. So we took to the digital streets of Facebook and asked our favourite artists and fanatics a like to see what their advice was.

Sara Bacon “What i use for aftercare is tattoomed 😉 amazing aftercare and easy to use and apply, but what’s also important is the not swimming for 6 weeks, using a stronger sun lotion and staying out of the sun… if you want a tattoo so bad, think about the aftercare as well! I love it, they’ve got an amazing sun lotion as well :D”

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Amy Louise from The Tattooed Gent “At our shop we advise to keep it covered till you get home, wash it with gentle antibacterial soap and use butterluxe or hustle or some other non greasy aftercare as often as possible washing it morning and night to keep bits of fluff etc out. Once it’s healed we recommend using a good body moisturiser like palmers cocoa butter to keep skin looking bright and exfoliating regularly.”

Gaby Nieuwenhuys  “wash 2x a day with antibacterial soap and use aloe vera gel as often as possible. Aloe vera has an antibacterial effect and cell growth is accelerated. Its easy to get out and don’t shut down like Vaseline does.”

Nik Shand “Wet healing. El gato negro. All you need.”

Personally i’m also a fan of the wet heal…mostly because i have an awful habit of picking the scabs and ruining my new tattoo 🙈 I wash it in the shower in the morning and evening and apply Bepanthan and wrap in clingfilm a million times a day to keep it moist. Theres been a lot of controversy around the use of Bepanthan but it has never done me wrong in the past.

What is the most important for keeping your tattoo looking banging for as long as possible and making sure it heals nicely is to keep it moisturised, avoid swimming until it is healed, dont scratch or pick while its healing and look after it for life! Keep it looking bright for life by moisturising daily and exfoliating every so often.

Was this helpful? Got any more tips? Comment below.

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