Sean Blakey Tattoo Artist

Sean Blakey Tattoo Artist
08/03/2019 SarahB
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This months release is a bold, beautiful, traditional tattoo style rose in collaboration with Sean Blakey at Memento Mori Tattoo in Lincoln.

You can buy the Rose print T-shirt here.

Its no secret i’m slightly biased towards the traditional style and I fell in love with Sean’s work at Leeds International Tattoo Convention while we were trading there last summer. His mix between blackwork and traditional styles caught my eye and I knew I had to get him on board and collaborate on something together.


We had a chat with him about his signature style, Meatloaf and ruining dates.

Helloooo!! So, How did you get into tattooing?

It’s a bit daft, but I was a bit tiddled and purchased a tattoo kit off eBay. When it arrived I definitely didn’t want to actually use it on a human being. So I went in to a local tattoo studio and asked for some practice skin, but instead of receiving some, out of nowhere I got offered and apprenticeship. So i took that and the rest was history. Flukey sod ey?


Jammy sod, that was lucky! How did you find the style you have or are you still exploring?

I used to specialize in colour traditional, until a girl once asked for a trad piece with dots in it. I was sorta like ‘ermmmm yeah that could maybe work?”. After I did the piece I was really happy with it and started making pieces in that style.


That’s pretty cool! We’re big fans of how you incorporate dotwork into traddy pieces.

Who do you fan boy over?



I mean who doesn’t fan boy over meatloaf? Bat out of hell is a classic.

Do you have any tips for someone starting out?

As contradictory as it sounds don’t buy a tattoo kit off eBay and start tattooing people. Work on your portfolio, get tattooed and get to know what tattooing is actually about… it’s a whole lot more than they portray on TV and online?


Definitely, better to do it the right way and ‘earn your dues’ so to speak.

Time for some fun questions! What 3 things are important to you?

Meatloaf, that first bit of food you manage to eat after a hangover, dyson airblade hand dryers

Dyson airblades are revolutionary, it’s always a disappointment when a bathroom doesn’t have one.

Tell me a funny story

The bible

I don’t know what’s funnier about the Bible, the actual story or that people believe it.

Vaginas for ears or dicks for fingers?

Dicks for fingers so I could make very aggressive points when arguing about food preferences.


If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Potato, she’s versatile, filling and fluffy.


There are too many types of potatoes for it not to be the only option.

Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?

I’d be invisible so I could let off little trumps next to lads while they’re on dates and watch the drama unravel


Pahahaha invisi-crop dusting! I Think i would also steal their dates food while they were in the loo.

Top5 songs on your playlist?

Bat out of hell, bat out of hell (extended) bat out of hell (live) bat out of hell (tiesto remix) nickleback photograph


5 solid choices there!! Thanks for your time mate and for collaborating with us we’re dead chuffed!


Go give Blakey a follow on his instagram @blakeytattooer <<< Click here

You can shop his collaboration with us here

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