Our Fia

Our Fia
08/08/2017 SarahB

Just over two weeks ago now i received the news that Fia had passed away and i have been trying to write this post ever since.

I’m still struggling, but this post is about her not about me.

Fia did so much for so many people; always helping people with their struggles while battling her own. You only have to look at her Facebook profile to see how many lives she touched and people she helped. She was so well loved.

See some of our shenanigans together here.

She wanted to help people struggling with their mental health;

She was taking steps to go to collage to become a counsellor and volunteering at a shelter that gives practical and emotional support for homeless people as well as providing accommodation for them. She’d applied to become a champion for mental health to help break down the stigma and stereotypes around mental illness and help others struggling so they don’t have to struggle alone. She wanted to end the stigma by celebrating their achievements rather than drawing attention to the negative aspects of mental health.

Her modelling recently has been moving away from the alt glamour style she normally does and more toward fashion and art shots. She wanted to exhibit a mental health series she shot with Declan Creffield to show the hidden side of mental health and raise awareness of the struggles people face everyday. Her friends and family will continue her plight to bring awareness to mental health issues and help those who are struggling; so many projects are being started in her name to raise money for mental health charities.


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She changed so many peoples lives, including my own. She was a #teamfulwoodOG, she believed in the brand when i couldn’t and did everything she could to push it forward. It is what it is today because of her.

She is my best friend, my soul mate, my everything.

Her friends and family have come together to create The Fia Not Campaign; a community group based in West Yorkshire to provide a safe house for those in crisis. They will be hosting a series of fundraiser events throughout the year with the main one being Viva La Fia on the 6th of October. We have designed the t-shirts  for the event and will be helping out on the day.

To buy tickets Click here.

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