Leeds Tattoo Expo 2017

Leeds Tattoo Expo 2017
11/07/2017 SarahB

Good Afternoon Tattoo fans,

I am writing this post curled in the foetal position on a beanbag because i am hanging out my arse from this bad boys after party 😂 So it potentially might be a little lack lustre as my brain is struggling to form coherent thoughts and string sentences together. I was also too disorganised to take my own pictures, rookie error Sarah, so i’m raiding everyones instagram. But hey at least its easier for you to follow em and show them some love. Also show me some love and make my hungover heart happy and head over to our store and buy something

For their 4th Birthday LITE really put on a bash. They moved to a bigger venue over at the fd Arena (still annoys me that they use lower case but if thats their branding…) from Clarence Dock; brought in 160 top artists from around the world and some awesome boutique traders and entertainment across both days.

Tattoo Artists

You don’t want me to rabble on about em all so i’ve just picked the two that made me wish i’d won the euromillions (can y’all start buying shit so i can let these guys loose on my body please?) Or at least i’d like to work with on the next collection. (psssst, just released the Mil Martinez collection, have a peek here)

Probably a little biased as a load of my mates get tattooed over at Holy Ghost Tattoo Collective but i loved the flash they were doing. Emily’s cute neo-trad pieces made it very hard to adult and not destroy my overdraft again, especially Duffy pictured above, i mean look how cute he is!

Check out her socials for more info @holyghost_tattooer

The other artists over there are banging too, if you’re about that trad life give em a follow. @joesummers_hgtc,@sam_hgtc@ryandevine_hgtc@alyx_hgtc@tattoosbycallum,  @mattylaboosh_hgtc@caroline_hgtc


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I think i circled Captain Darkside’s booth like 12 times in an hour, i’m pretty sure they think i’m weird… or that i was just after some stickers 😂Can you tell i have a bit of a thing for traditional? Vaguely remember chatting to the Captain as well at the after party…i think? maybe? Anyway, their trad flash was awesome, they had a cool dagger i wanted but alas i had to once again be a sensible human being; though it would definitely be worth the trip over to Greece, holiday and a new tattoo? I’m saving up.

Check out @captain_darkside_tattoo on instagram.


We’ve also attended Ink Mania in Belgium this year, Go check out our blog on it here.


TBH i didn’t see any of the entertainment 😂 i was too engrossed in everything else going on, i managed to catch some very pretty girls dancing on the stage but i couldn’t honestly tell you who they were or what they were doing…i’d make a terrible reporter, this is an awful review, ah well.

I’ve got lots of inspiration for the eventual next collection though, will be released when this one sells out so help a sister out, click here to shop the collection.


I probably shouldn’t be bigging up my “competition” but there really were some top notch traders there; plus it’s all about contemporaries not competition right? theres room for us all at the top and all that jazz.

Special mention for our pals over at Kid Slug Clothing. They smashed this show, probably one of the best brands there (since Fulwood wasn’t trading 😜 you can shop our collection here) They’re local to Leeds and specialise in traditional tattoo motifs blending contemporary streetwear with Old School imagery.

Check out the Kid Slug Website.

I should probably stop plugging my friends but it was really nice catching up with the boys from Custom Plugs; I haven’t seen them in months. The lads had been playing with their band Faultlines in London at 2am on Saturday but were powering through like the champs they are.  These guys are paving the way for the future of plugs, specialising in the design and manufacture of Acrylic, Wooden, Stone & Silicone body jewellery. They also have a sick range of apparel, all inspired by tattoo design.

Check out the Custom Plugs Website

Check out Faultlines

Thats about all my hungover little brain can remember and focus on. I’ll admit this isn’t my best work but hey ho, this is what beer does to me. At least it’s fairly amusing i hope.

You’ll be pleased to know we’ll be trading at the 2018 LITE with a super special super limited edition print that will only be available on the day.

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