Just the Tip…Getting inked at Tattoo Conventions

Just the Tip…Getting inked at Tattoo Conventions
14/06/2017 SarahB

Actually its 6 tips for getting tattooed at tattoo conventions

So i don’t want to be banging on about InkMania for the next two weeks, but i kinda am. I’m so jazzed about the convention, its going to be sick! SO while this post isn’t directly about InkMania it is convention related.

We are in the thick of convention season now and conventions are a great place to pick up artwork from artists who don’t have shops nearby or who are normally booked up for months and months. You can book ahead and get a custom piece created like you would in a tattoo studio or some offer flash specially designed and priced for the convention.

So. If you’re thinking about getting tattooed at your next convention, here are my top tips.

Look at the artists attending and if theres one you like book their time!

Ink Mania have over 300 artists attending, with other big conventions having similar numbers. Its worth getting your stalk on and going through the artists instagram accounts to see their latest work and slide into their DMs to see if they have space available and discuss your ideas. If the artist is just doing flash on the day then make sure you get there early to make sure can get a spot!

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Eat before you get tattooed!

and no coffee doesn’t count. Getting tattooed puts a lot of stress on your bod, on top of that at a convention theres a lot more stimulation that in a tattoo parlour; lots of noise, people walking past and it can get really warm with all those bodies in there; you need to be on top of your game so you don’t have to tap out. Go grab a dirty burger or pizza beforehand and bring water and some snackage with you to keep you going.

Bring cash to pay for your tattoo!

You’re artist is probably going to be taking payment by cash. Ask beforehand how much it will be and how they want paying; and don’t forget to tip! Whether its a drink or a lil bonus dolla it will be much appreciated and is generally good manners.

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Gird your loins.

Getting tattooed in a shop and at a convention are two completely different experiences. As i said above there are a lot of distractions; people walking past ogling your new ink, music playing, hot chicks/dudes wandering around with not a lot of clothes on etc prepare yourself for people seeing you wince in pain and *definitely not* cry.

Only one wingman.

Conventions are crowed places and booths are small. You don’t need your whole crew there. If you need someone to hold your hand thats generally cool but keep it to one person.

Don’t get a tattoo for the sake of it.

We’ve all been there, you’ve walked past a table of flash toward the end of the convention for the 10th time and suddenly that wonky Donald Trump sucking a hairy cock becomes more appealing. “It’ll be bants” you say… no it won’t. Don’t feel the need to get something you don’t want just because you feel like you should get something.

So there we go; 6 tips on getting tattooed at a convention. Have any more to add? Comment below.

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