Introducing…Sarah Thirteen

Introducing…Sarah Thirteen
18/07/2017 SarahB

Here is our special little question time with Sarah Thirteen, awesome artist and fellow animal lover.

After introducing y’all to Kirsty Jane Todd, who is one of our artists; we got talking to her colleague at the time Sarah Thirteen and both star in our upcoming video series ‘Beers with Burgs’. Update: Turns out i’m not a video editor so i’ve had to pull the video series :'(

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Helloooo Sarah! So, how’d you get into tattooing? 

S: I started drawing when I was younger and always posted my work on social media, I started a page for my art work which started building followers and someone contacted me to say Black pearl tattoo studio we’re looking for an apprentice and that they thought I should apply! So, I took my portfolio down and was offered the job! The rest is history!

Is there a specific artist that you’d love to learn from?

S: I’ve always loved Teresa Sharpe’s work for how it works with and adapts to people’s shape, I also love Flo Nuttall’s work as it’s the kind of style I do but 100 times better, so I get a lot of inspiration from her.


How did you manage to develop the style you have?

S: My style has changed a lot since I started tattooing. I’ve previously won an award for my colourful girly traditional work but I slowly started drawing more and more pattern work and have found it’s so popular at the moment that it has fully taken over from my colour work. I really enjoy seeing a piece come together and seeing it work and wrap around a person’s shape/body and really complement the client. Also henna style tattoos have been popular for years and year so I see this as a style that has the potential to be timeless.


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Stepping away from your tattoo life for a second. What is it that you love the most in this world?

S: That’s a hard question to pin on any one thing in particular… family and friends are probably the most important thing to me and spending time with them is what I do in my spare time. However, I wouldn’t be able to do all the fun things I do with them if it wasn’t for my job!


Tell me the funniest story you can think off.

S: When I first started working at John Henson’s studio, there was one day that we could smell burning in the shop and couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I stopped tattooing to have a look around, we soon found out John’s trousers were actually on fire. The cherry from his cigarette had fallen in his turn ups and he hadn’t noticed!

Oh my god, that’s hilarious!!

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Sooo, what would your superhero name and powers be?

 S: I don’t think he’s considered a super hero but generally a female version of Ace Ventura. Mother to all animals.

And finally, what is the greatest thing in your life right now?

S: At this moment in time, the greatest thing in my life is probably the number of animals I have in my flat. We’ve just got a kitten, but have 3 cats in total, 2 rats and are looking after 2 rabbits, so there’s 7 animals in our one bedroom flat at the moment!


Wow, sounds like animal heaven… I am jealous!!!

Sarah is currently tattooing at Full Boar

And don’t forget to check her out on Instagram @sarahthirteentattoo

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