Introducing…Fabio Ricci

Introducing…Fabio Ricci
17/10/2017 SarahB

Welcome back to the 4th edition of our blog series introducing you to a few of the sick artists we’ve been working with.


Today’s Q&A is with the charming Fabio Ricci!

How did you get into tattooing then, Fabio?

F: I used to draw as a kid, ever since I could hold a pencil, crayon, brush. I did everything as a kid but my dad never believed that art could be a proper career. After working for 15 years as a chef, I was given the opportunity to learn how to tattoo by a ‘friend’. He let me draw in his studio, made me do the things that a shop manager does and in return, he taught me all the basics. After a petty fight we had, I just started scratching at home and during that time, I started to meet more artists who gave me tips, so everyone pretty much helped me (in a way) of pursuing a life in tattooing.

Is there a certain artist you would love to learn from?

F: There are so many great and talented artists, I wouldn’t know who to choose from! I recently did a Black and Grey Realism Workshop with Tattoo Frank “The Butcher”. He was one of the people that I really wanted to learn from, also calling him a friend made it easier to reach out and get in at the workshop. Let’s say the next person I want to learn from is Benjamin Laukis, his realism and colour work is out of this world!

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How did you find the style you have?

F: To be honest, I’m still searching for my style. I used to do a lot of new school work, then tried going neo traditional, but almost everyone tries to make neo traditional work look a bit the same, so I tried changing it for me… more realism in it. After the Black and Grey Realism Workshop, I had an extra tool under my belt to make my own style a bit more realistic. Through using a lot of black, smooth shading and pepper-shading, I’m getting there in my own style.

If you had one tip for a budding artist, what would it be? 

F: Never settle for less! Always keep your mind open and try to learn as much as possible, don’t think you’re at the top, you can always become better!

Let’s talk a bit more about life away from tattooing. What do you love most in this world??

 F: Pizza! Pizza is life!!

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MMMMM PIZZA, Tell me the funniest story you can think off.

F: One night, I got so drunk and kept bugging my mates by saying that I wanted to sleep underneath the Eifel Tower. After blacking out later, unaware of what happened… I woke up underneath the Eifel Tower, with no wallet, no shoes and a raging headache. I tried calling my mates and nobody answered! Then after freaking out for half an hour, trying to find a way back to Belgium, I found them having breakfast in a café not so far from the tower. One plate was set up, but untouched, appeared it was for me. Turns out that they wanted to scare me, but at the same time make me wake up underneath the Eifel Tower!


That’s honestly the funniest/craziest story I’ve ever heard! Sooo, what would your superhero name and powers be?

F: The Shadow! But not a Superhero, let’s make it an Anti-Hero! I’ll do whatever feels right to me. My powers would be me being able to move through shadows and making use of others their shadows to fight and become obstacles!

And finally, what’s the greatest thing in your life right now?

 F: My positive state of mind, being able to see through bad shit and keep my head up!

Preach we’re all about the PMA over here.

Fabio is currently based at The Butcher House in Houthalen, Belgium. But will be coming to Manchester in the UK in February!

Don’t forget to check out his Instagram @tattoofabio

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