Ink Mania Round Up

Ink Mania Round Up
04/07/2017 SarahB

Never in my life has one weekend had so many ups and downs 😂

From almost not being able to hire the van, missing our ferry and having to drive from Newcastle to Dover to get there on time; killing the battery in the van by drinking in the back and pushing it around the car park in the wee hours and crying in the corner mid anxiety attack. We actually had the best weekend of our lives.

See the collections we took with us here.

Belgium you so cool!

I said in my previous blog posts it was going to be another level and it really was, the Ink Mania crew did a great job at getting an audience there and putting together great acts over the weekend. It was more of a festival than a tattoo convention, such a contrast to conventions over here in the UK, the bar has been reset for sure. In fact i’m gonna start saving for a Belgian road trip next summer #FulwoodOnTour. I mean, traders and artists get free coffee in the morning, free lunch and two free drinks; and the space was twice the size for the same price… you really do get more value out of it.

But the absolute BEST thing was the people we met! We always meet ace people at these things but not many would get in our van and drink with us, or help us jumpstart it when the battery went flat then take us on a night out.

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InkMania Act and Tattoo Artist reviews

I know we promised you act reviews….but we got drunk instead 😂 We managed to interview The Scalding and that will be hitting your inboxes in the coming weeks and we caught The Fuel Girls epic performance so we’ll write up a little review for them too. What we did manage to do was catch some of the awesome skate and BMX displays, those guys have some serious talent and are definitely ones to watch, so keep your eyes peeled for some great content guys!


See our interview with The Scalding here
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