Everything you need to know about attending Slam Dunk North

Everything you need to know about attending Slam Dunk North
10/05/2017 SarahB

With less than a month to go before the big day i thought i should jot down a few bits about Slam Dunk North.

Pro tips and general advice so you get the best possible experience. Now…i’m assuming by know you were sensible enough to have sorted out your accommodation…

Just in case Booking.com still has some rooms available and if you book through that link you’ll earn £15 off your next booking from them. Don’t say i never do anything nice for yas!!

This leads me on to my next tip…

if you haven’t booked already i’m assuming you might be a bit on the unorganised side. A plan is key to avoid disappointment at Slam Dunk.

There is a fair distance between some of the events, you have to queue to get into the different stages (stupid arena stage) and you’re probably going to be White Girl Wasted by 3 o’clock, so planning for this is key.

If you’re local-ish i would suggest doing a dry run, familiarise yourself with the area, how long will it take you to get between venues…. then add 10minutes to allow for drunk you to keep up/stop for a maccas/have a cheeky wee.

If you’re stuck for what to wear we’ve got some SD essentials in our webstore, click here to have a look

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I would also suggest exchanging your ticket for your wristband on Saturday;

the queues get quite big on Sunday and its right outside the arena. You can exchange your tickets at Crash and Jumbo records the day before.

If you can’t get there on Saturday get there really stupid early on Sunday. I’m talking queuing up at 9am early this will also allow ample time to pre-game.


Check the weather.

Sounds obvious right?!

There are both indoor and outdoor stages and long walks in between, nothing puts a damper (lol) on the party like soggy pants so bring a jacket. Luckily its supposed to be nice this year so it will also be very warm; what with all that jumping around so maybe rock one of our vests underneath to balance it out. On that note ladies wear something with pockets…you’ll see.

Still not sure what to wear? Check out our Slam Dunk Style Guide here.


There are bars and eateries at all sites, and its going to cost you about £4 a pint. Unfortunately you can’t bring your own food and drink on to the sites, however, there is a sainsburys near by with cold tinnies so you can grab a road beer on your way to the different stages or some of that cocktail in a can bizniss if you’re feeling fancy.


Back up charger.

Your phone battery will die while you’re snapchatting “Girl all the bad guys want” to all your pals, you’ll turn round and Dave will have wandered off in a drunken stupor, probably after some chick who’s way out of his league and you’ll need to find him. Maybe one of them phone case ones so you don’t have a load of wires hanging out of your pockets.

Pack light.

There are lockers onsite but they go fast so streamline what you take. Theres bag checks at each stage and there are now limitations for what size bag you can take. A foldable tote or small ladies handbag are acceptable; no rucksacks or large bags.

Blokes do you need to take your whole wallet? can you live with just your ID, card and some cash? Go for the 10 pack of fags instead of the 20 maybe? Ladies, same goes here, you’ll probably want to avoid a bag so wear something with pockets or get a handy dandy bumbag (super useful if you’ve got makeup etc in there).

Cash! Saves so much time at the bar plus you can control what you spend if you’re on a budget. Though if you’d rather not know they all have contactless. Tap Tap!

So in summary when attending Slam Dunk North like any festival i guess; Bring a Jacket or hoody or something. Bring a backup battery pack. Get cash out. Bring only the essentials and be organised.

If you have been so unorganised you haven’t bought your ticket yet we have a competition over at www.fulwoodlondon.com to win a pair when you spend £30…thats a hoody (note: warm, has pockets).

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