Danni Rudie

Danni Rudie
26/10/2018 SarahB
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Catching Up With Danni Rudie

Last month saw the release of our first ever Christmas Jumper designed in collaboration with Ultimate Skin’s tattoo apprentice Danni Rudie. We talked about a few different designs before she came up with the Krampus then I worked on the Christmas pattern to make it the knock out best seller it is.

(you can get yours here)

We asked her a couple of questions about her work and a few silly ones too. So, Danni, How did you find the style you have or are you still exploring?

This is a well hard question, I think I’m always exploring and trying to develop – a lot of the time I spend time researching and thinking about how to progress and I feel like always being in a state of exploration is a good thing; it means you’re always progressing and even though sometimes it can feel like you’re never finished – it means you learn and move and the process sometimes is more important – if that makes sense.


It makes perfect sense. I think as people you should always be learning and growing.

So, time for some silly ones. Would you rather have vaginas for ears or dicks for fingers?

I mean both would be pretty weird, I can’t imagine you being able to get much done with either haha


If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

If it was like an entire category of food haha it’d be thai or japanese? This is a hard question!! Maybe just crisps to be honest because they’re just great; Or potatoes so you can make a variety of dishes.


It would definitely be potatoes for me; you have so many options.

Would you rather be invisible or able to fly?

If I was invisible I could get up to no good but I think flying is a bit more immortal in a weird way, like, you could just fly about, migrate, not worry too much about all this land stuff.

I dunno, would you get as tired flying as you do running? At least if you’re invisible you could sneak onto transport and it would still be free. What are the top 5 songs on your playlist?

My favourite artists at the moment are Ragana, Cattle, Sürya, I’m completely obsessed with The Bug’s new record with Earth… To be honest, I love all sorts of music genres though so this question is imposssssssssible!!

Thanks for chatting with me Danni! Y’all need to keep an eye on her because she’s going to be BIIIIIG.

You can check out her instagram here

You can get your Krampus sweatshirt here.

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