• Aug222017

    The Scalding – A Very Drunk Interview

    Jesus Christ i have the most annoying voice in the world 😂 I finally had time to transcribe my interview…

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  • Aug152017

    Tattoo Aftercare

    Tattoo aftercare seems to be somewhat of a grey area in the industry; with so many different methods and views…

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  • Aug082017

    Our Fia

    Just over two weeks ago now i received the news that Fia had passed away and i have been trying…

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  • Jul182017

    Introducing…Sarah Thirteen

    After introducing y’all to Kirsty Jane Todd, who is one of our artists. Here is our special little question time…

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  • Jul112017

    Leeds Tattoo Expo 2017

      Good Afternoon Tattoo fans, I am writing this post curled in the foetal position on a beanbag because i…

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  • Jul042017

    Ink Mania Round Up

    Never in my life has one weekend had so many ups and downs 😂 From almost not being able to…

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  • Jun212017

    InkMania Pt 2

    I’m really F’ing jazzed now. This is going to be our biggest and probably craziest adventure yet so keep an…

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  • Jun142017

    Just the Tip…Getting inked at Tattoo Conventions

    Actually its 6 tips for getting tattooed at tattoo conventions So i don’t want to be banging on about InkMania for…

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  • Jun072017

    Our next adventure: InkMania

    Jesus Christ, where to start? This convention is the biggest we’ve ever done, they have everything and I mean EVERYTHING.…

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  • May312017

    Introducing… Kirsty Jane Todd

    We get asked about our artists a lot, so here’s the first in a blog series introducing you to some…

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