Best Alternative Christmas Jumpers 2018

Best Alternative Christmas Jumpers 2018
12/10/2018 SarahB

Christmas Jumper Day is fast approaching!

On Friday the 14th of December, thousands of people all over the country will don their Christmas jumpers to raise money for Save the Children and help create a brighter future for impoverished children all over the world. Now if you’re like me and all up for helping a good cause but less a fan of the jumpers on the high street then have a look at this little list of beauties i have found!

Deadpool Christmas Jumper

Deadpool Christmas jumper, £42.99,

The other jolly guy in a red suit with a lap worth sitting on has announced a Christmas Movie! Ho-ho-holy shit! Its propably going to be a bit more rude and crude than this DP themed Christmas jumper we found on Merchoid and the ticket will be much cheaper than that price tag but who can wait a year right?!

Get yours here.

Deer Skull Christmas Jumper

White Hart Wreath Christmas Sweater, £27.99, Attitude Europe

Featuring a festive wreath the White Hart skull brings a dark side to this Christmas offering from Europes favourite Alternative store. They have fast delivery to the UK and free delivery over £100 if you want to get a few gifts while you’re at it.

You can buy this jumper here

Jingle Balls Christmas Jumper

Jingle Balls Christmas Jumper, £17.99

Theres a Ball Bag in every work place. This Christmas Jumper Day it can be YOU! Extra points if you put glitter on your scrote…maybe don’t show anyone that though.

You can get it from Etsy here.

Our Krampus Christmas Sweatshirt.

Krampus Christmas Jumper, £25, Fulwood London

We’ve gone all dark this Christmas with tattoo artist Danni Rudie. Pulling inspiration from the tale of Santa’s evil twin the Krampus and giving it a cheery twist you’ll want this on your list even if you don’t want to be on his.

You can buy it here

You can find out more about Danni here.

Jurassic Park Holiday Jumper

Jurrassic Park Sweater, £32.99, EMP

I’m actually surprised it isn’t Drop Dead that have brought this out after their recent collab; EMP have released this Jurassic Park Santa Claws (geddit) theme Christmas jumper. I’m sure Chris Pratt has one stashed somewhere.

You can get yours here

Slayer Christmas Jumper

Sleigher Christmas Jumper, £21.99, Grindstore

Get ready to slay… We mean SLEIGH this Christmas like the metal loving rocker you are with this black Christmas jumper! Inspired by cult icons Slayer, this hardcore sweater features all the best bits of Christmas but in the most metal way possible. Candy cane pentagram? Hell Yeah!!

You can get yours here

A Nightmare Before Christmas Jumper

Jack Skellington Jumper, £32.99, EMP

Everyones favourite Christmas movie in full on festive form. Featuring the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown himself this gem from EMP will make everyones inner emo sing.

You can get yours here


So you have no excuse for Christmas jumpers not being your ‘thing’

Theres lots to tickle your jingle balls there so get online, get your jumper and help out a good cause.

Keep your eyes peeled for our Christmas gift guide coming next month with yet another new release! In the mean time browse our shop here.


Merry ‘its too early for’ Christmas!

Sarah x

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