Back to Uni Essentials

Back to Uni Essentials
28/08/2018 SarahB

Back to Uni time!

Maybe you’re heading off for your first year or maybe this is you’re third attempt at final year. Either way here are some essential but awesome items that you need to take with you. Everything from homewares, Classroom essentials and clothing to make your wardrobe wavey.

Student House Essentials

You’re probably going to do the standard ‘off to uni’ ikea trip to get your plates, pans cutlery etc they’re the cheapest and lets face it they’re only going to end up shoved under your bed for weeks until you can’t figure out what the smell is. So here’s so ‘extra’ essentials to make your pad feel a little bit more homey.

1. Door Stop

LaLang Door Stop £1.19 Amazon

Probably the most important thing about uni is being social; fuck actually learning stuff. You make most of your lifelong friends at uni and nothing says anti-social like a closed door.

This LaLang Silicone Mouse Door stop is cheap and cheerful, and available from Amazon here.

2. Air Freshener

Aldi Citrus Breeze Room Mist 99p ALDI

So all those plates that you’ve been too lazy to wash up? The almost full bin? Big pile of washing? Yeah thats what that smell is. For 99p you can’t go wrong with this Aldi special. Comes in lots of different scents and acts fast so you don’t embarrass yourself when you bring a girl or guy home.

You can buy it online here or in store.

3. Posters

Roses art print by Josh Coburn £25 from Stag and Raven

Gotta make your room feel a bit homey with some pictures, posters etc We love this awesome traditional A3 screen print by Manchester based illustrator Josh Coburn. All of Josh’s work is in this strong, blackwork style.

You can buy it from Stag and Raven here

4. A Throw

Glow in the Dark Throw, £6.99 B&M

It says its for kids… but this throw is still pretty awesome. Plus it has the hidden benefit of helping you see your bed when you’re stumbling home from the union at 3am.

You can get this bargain from B&M here


Class Room Essentials

Whether you go to your lectures or not, we’ve put together a few things that will at least make it look like you intend to and keep you fairly organised!

1. A Backpack

Grey student backpack, £34, Madlugs

You’ll need something to carry your Laptop, notebook etc around in and this backpack does good! For every one you buy another one goes to a child in care. It had a compartment for your laptop, mesh water bottle (beer) holder at each side and an internal compartment for your valuables and it comes in 3 colours.

You can get yours here.

2. A Notebook

Notebook Cover, £25, InkSmudge

Ok this is a little fancy, but gives off that sensitive artsy vibe if thats what you’re up for, plus its refillable so will keep you looking like and artsy sensitive type for the rest of your life. You can also personalise them with charms. Not vegan friendly though i’m afraid.

If you’re a carnivorous sensitive type you can get yours here.

3. Daily Planner Pages

Daily Planner Download, £3.60, Ninjawatermelon

To help keep you focussed and keep track of all your activities print these daily planner pages, you can even put them in your InkSmudge notebook cover! Theres a goals section to keep you on track and it comes in different colours!

Download your’s here.

4. Pencil Case

Mountain Watercolour Pencil Case, £10, Elena Illustration

You can’t beat pen and paper sometimes and your pens need a nice little home. Elena Illustrations have awesome hand made pencil cases/travel pouches or however you want to use them in a variety of prints depending on your interests. They all illustrated and sewn by Elena herself so help a small biz get off the ground!

You can buy them here.


Student Wardrobe Essentials

Last but not least, your clothes. Clothes are an essential part of daily life (sadly) so you might as well look good when you roll out of bed. Heres a few items from indie brands for you to check out.


1. A Jacket

Control Freak Varsity Jacket, £30, Cakes With Faces 

This stylish monochrome varsity jacket for geeks and gamers has a cute “Control Freak” game controller character design on the back and arrow buttons detail on the front. They’re and indie brand like us so help them grow!

You can get this here 

2. Some Cool T-Shirts

Swallow T-shirt, £15, Fulwood London

We collaborate with tattoo artists on limited edition T-Shirts and hoodies. With new drops every month from September you’ll be wishing your student loan stretched further. This swallow t-shirt is inspired by my first tattoo it is part of our forever collection.

You can get it here.

3. Dressing Gown

Slate hooded dressing down, £32, Next

My fella has had one of these every Christmas for the last 20 years and i have stolen it many times, it is the warmest snuggliest thing ever and you will thank me when you’re trying to save on your heating bills.

Get it here

4. Sleep Mask

Owl Eye Mask, £18, Hannah Doodle 

If you like a good nights sleep i recommend you invest in a sleep mask. Thin curtains, street lights, bright hallway lights in student accommodation all lead to a disrupted nights sleep. This owl mask from Hannah Doodle will ensure you look as badass in the sheets as you do on the streets. Plus they’re handmade in the UK by another indie retailer so you’re making dreams come true by purchasing.

You can get it here

Thats the Student Essentials Guide!

A few other things i would also suggest:

  • Ear Plugs
  • Extension Cables
  • Pro Plus (for partying not studying)

Hope this is at least passed some time for you if it hasn’t been helpful. What else would you add?

Let me know in the comments.