Alternative Christmas Gift Guide

Alternative Christmas Gift Guide
14/11/2018 SarahB

Have you bought your Christmas Presents yet?

If you’re like me you might have to spread Christmas out over a few pay checks, so now is a good time to have a nose around for some inspiration. Since i was hunting for some ideas for my Boyfriend to thought i might as well put a few together for a gift guide for you guys.

Male Grooming

Grooming gift sets seem to be popular this time of year. I don’t know whether its saying ‘you look nice, keep it up’ or ‘i’d like you better if you washed more’, but they’re nice to receive i guess.

1. Beard Conditioning Gift Set

Hawkhurst Beard Conditioning Gift Set, £21, The Bighton Beard Company

The Hawkhurst beard conditioning gift set; a handsome presentation of the finest in beard care. Featuring their best-selling 60ml Creampot Tom’s beard balm and a 10ml Old Joll’s beard oil. You even get to pick your own scents!

Make him smell delicious this Christmas, you can get the Beard Conditioning Gift Set here.

2. Tattoo Vibrancy Serum

Vibrancy Serum, £12.95, Electric Ink

You pay a lot of money for a tattoo so help a loved one keep em looking nice and fresh with this Vibrancy Serum. It maintains pigment and promotes vibrancy of tattoo whilst hydrating skin. Electric Inks unique tattoo body serum includes a selected blend of skin nourishing actives.

You can buy it online here or in store.


If you’re buying for a student we also have a list of University Essentials they might have missed out on. Have a look at them here.


Give the Gift of Clothing

Theres nothing better than getting that one piece of clothing you’ve had your eye on for a while but not quite been able to justify buying. Here’s a couple that we thing are lust-worthy.


Check out our tattoo inspired clothing here

1. Slugger Snap Back

Slugger Snap Back, £14.99, Kid Slug Clothing Company

I love this snap back from my pals over at Kid Slug. Featuring a traditional style boxer, classic green underpeak and made from 100% cotton twill your pal will be over the moon to get this under their tree.

You can get yours here.

2. Not Everything Sucks Ring

Not Everything Sucks Ring, £150, Abandon Ship Apparel

We all need a positive reminder in our lives and this ring is just that, from their range spreading a positive mental attitude. Give the gift of posi vibes with ASA’s 925 sterling silver ring.

You can get yours here.

3. Burn Witch Long Sleeve

Burn Witch Burn Long Sleeve , £30, Fulwood London

Keeping with our dark vibes this collaboration with Dean Boreham will have you sleeping with the light on. Featuring a skull imprinted planchette on the front pocket and a smouldering witch on the back this long sleeve is available in Black or White.

Coming November 30th.

4. Camo Shoulder bag

Camo Survival Shoulder Bag, £40, Love Sick London

Gotta love an action bag. Its got pockets for all your man bits, plus its big enough to fit a tablet or small laptop in. Move over bumbags these will be big for 2019

You can buy this one here.


Mystery Bits

These don’t really have a category, i guess accessories? Anyway i thought they were cool.


1. A Hip Flask

Duster Hip Flask, £8, Tiger Cuts

Who doesn’t love sneaking booze while at work? Give the alcoholic in your life the gifts of on demand spirits to help them cope with their day job.

You can get this hip flask here 

2. A sweet back patch

Trooper Back Patch, £18, Zombunny

This Storm trooper helmet patch is 7” x  9” approx and is machine embroidered on to felt with high quality colourfast threads. It is the perfect size for sewing on to cardigans, backpacks or your favourite denim so whether they already have an awesome battle jacket or want to diy a backpack this patch is pretty rad.

You can get it here.

3. Coffe mug

Death Before Decaf Mug, £8, Bettie Belle Design on Etsy

We all know a caffeine addict; this tattoo inspired death before decaf mug is available in multiple colours and hand printed by the designer. Watch them unwrap it then tell em to put the kettle on and don’t forget the biscuits.

Get it here

4. Tattoo Fund

Tattoo Fund Money Box, £22, Little Lies

Can’t pay for your mates tattoo? This guy has to be the coolest money box we’ve ever laid eyes on, and we’re snapping up a few of these as the perfect gifts. In a freestanding wooden frame, with glass frontage, incredible artwork back board and a slot on top whether it’s twenties or pennies, it’s a killer little home decor piece in itself.

You can get it here

Them’s our top picks for badass gift giving!

I wish you all a very merry holiday season and if you would like to buy me a gift you can fine my wish list here. Just kidding, the greatest gift for me is the joy i feel when someone makes a purchase, so buy a pal something cool; our shop link is here.

Hope this is at least passed some time for you if it hasn’t been helpful. What else would you add?

Let me know in the comments.