Hello friends.

80% of the UK population aren’t living up to their potential for awesomeness. It is a known fact that tattoos make you 300% more badass, yet the majority of the population remain un-inked.

Maybe they’re pussies who can’t hack it, can’t commit to a design or simply afford anything fucking decent. Enter Fulwood London. We collaborate with artists all over the country to bring sick artwork to small runs of streetwear, giving you all the bad-ass-ness of a tattoo without the cost or commitment.

We want you all to live up to your awesome potential; be the baddest bitch on the block, follow your dreams, do the thing, get the fucking tattoo….actually buy it on a t-shirt instead.


As seen in:

Elite Online, NME, Vanity Hype and FRONT magazine.


Each run is limited edition, sometimes with as few as 25 ever printed so do a DonnyT and “grab that pussy” before it’s gone. Our swallow collection is the start of our forever club of favourites show your allegiance to the crew with one of these classic bad boys. Click here to check out our collections.