4 Motley Crue’s “The Dirt” Inspired Outfits

4 Motley Crue’s “The Dirt” Inspired Outfits
29/03/2019 SarahB
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The Dirt Movie – We’ve finally got the rock’n’roll biopic we always wanted.

The dirt is the legendary tale of world-class degenerates, rock band Mötley Crüe. Back in the early 80’s a bands image was just as important to their success as their music and Mötley Crüe delivered both.

Partly inspired by post-apocalyptic films such as The Road Warrior, the band were known for their huge teased hair, makeup and clothing that looked pieced together from leather, spikes and bits of armour; putting Mötley Crüe on the style map.

You wouldn’t take any other life advice from them, but the heavy metal rockers sure had style so we’ve put together some Crüe style outfits featuring your Fulwood faves. Makeup and big hair optional.

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Vince Neil Inspired Outfit

With his long blond hair, shrieking falsetto, and outrageous costumes and makeup, Vince Neil epitomised the hair metal front man. He was “a skinny, blond fucker with moves”

In his down time he was still the embodiment of a rock god in ripped jeans, ripped t-shirt and beat up converse; The personification of 80’s rock casual style. Get true front man vibes by chopping off the sleeves and cutting out the neck of the T-shirt.


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Nikki Sixx Inspired Outfit

Nikki drew a lot of stage style inspiration from Steven Tyler, one of his more memorable being the black and white striped lycra jumpsuit. In The Dirt we see Nikki sporting a couple of military style shirts, both a short sleeve and sleeveless version.

Amp it up (see what I did there?) with your own patches, cut the sleeves up, distress it a bit. Complete the rock star look with a bandanna.


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Mick Mars Inspired Outfit

Mick Mars was the most mysterious member of the band. Much older than the rest of the Crüe, Mars was a noted recluse and his style less flamboyant.

Channel the “loud, rude and aggressive guitar player” with this goth grunge inspired outfit. Buckled jeans, Chain braces and metal studded boots all topped off with a Top Hat.


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Tommy Lee Inspired Outfit

Possibly one of the most notorious and outrageous members of Mötley Crüe these checkerboard trousers are T-Bone all over. Paired with leather finger less gloves, layered chains and pointy boots this outfit will be as memorable as Lee’s rollercoaster drum kit.


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The Dirt is full of ‘what the fck’ moments.

Ozzy licking both his and Nikki Sixx’s piss off the floor, and female ejaculation. Not to mention the sex, rampant drug use and general idiocy. It recaptures a moment in time and in music when rock stars and partying behaviors were a staple of culture, defining a generation inundated with excess and extremes.

“Other bands raised hell because they thought that’s what they were supposed to do. Mötley Crüe did stupid things because they were Mötley Crüe.”


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